Removing old fridges, freezers and air-cons

Fridges and freezers are de-gassed and compressors removed. Bodies are used artfully for gardens or taken to scrap metal dealers. Air-cons are de-gassed and stripped to metal components.

This service is ARC-approved.  Picture5



Rural Block mowing and clean-up

We provide a careful and economical service that treats your property with respect. (We mow around the flowers). Anything recyclable that is not wanted by the landholder is taken away.

Our small tip truck carries manure and manure mulch from local cattle yards, green waste centres and Shoal Bay Mulching Centre to your door for a reasonable price.

 Community Workshops

Diana Rickard is a highly experienced environmental lawyer and public educator who has conducted stimulating and creative interactive workshops to guide  participants towards sustainable solutions to wicked ecological problems.

She also makes very interesting calendars.


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