What are we doing?

ERNT is a social and environmental enterprise rather than an economic(al) one. The world needs more recyclers and far fewer conspicuous consumers. Our natural resources are already developing and r-evolving. They don’t need us to waste them.

We are going through a global health pandemic as Covid-19 sweeps across the world and kills millions of people. Reactionary politics plays the Blame Game as fear of the unknown makes Business-As-Usual an impossibility.

As our climate changes and there is very little certainty in what the future holds, we should practice caution. The precautionary principle applies to human health and the environment. The ethical assumption behind the principle is that humans are responsible to protect, preserve, and restore the global ecosystems on which all life, including our own, depends.

Nature grows and matures and dies back. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.The life cycle of our sole green planet is limited and – unless we grow up soon, our species will disappear – and – will – more than likely – take the whole world with us.

Our childish political leaders listen to childish economic predictions based on a very few people in the world making huge profits out of non-renewable resources.

Northern Australia has become a battleground. The spirit and heart of the earth is dying.

Our trains fall off their tracks because no foresight is used to recognise that when the Wet season comes, it is very, very WET.


We are also going through drought conditions as the oceans warm up and our constant burning off of forests and wetlands – to reduce feral pasture grass hazards and open up more country for hunting and shooting – dries up our river systems and lagoons.

Our local lagoon was full in August 2017 (with helicopters removing water) and in August 2019 there was no water left. This was the first time in living memory this happened.  Unless El Nino brings more rain this Wet Season, we will continue to be in drought conditions with surface and ground water drying up.  

 dead lagoonWoodfords lagoon 2017

On current consumption levels, our ecological footprint is making us too big for our boots. We need 7 more planets to support our over-consumption of resources. If the rest of the world is allowed to consume as much as we do, we’ll need 20 more planets to live on.


Become active and join protest groups such as Extinction Rebellion. We can’t afford to remain complacent as our destructive Business-As-Usual attitude revs up and the planet dies.

Burn, bash and bury our bush: 1950’s slogan still applies.