Greg Chapman is a practical environmentalist— a life member  of the Environment Centre NT and founding member and Secretary of Rural Residents’ Rights Group Inc.

He has worked as a truck driver, freezer hand and spent time in the RAAF. He commonly and proudly refers to himself as a scavenger and aligns himself unreservedly with the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers.

For the past decade and a half he has worked as a resource recoverer and handler. He de-gasses fridges, freezers and air-conditioners.


Diana Rickard is a retired lawyer and academic and current gardener and activist.  She is a founding member and Convenor of the Rural Residents’ Rights Group Inc and is a member of the Australian Earth Law Alliance  and PLan: the Planning Action Network. She grows coffee, tropical fruit and vegetables to organic standards and conducts community workshops in Environmental Law, Land Planning and Sustainability.

As land carers and sustainable resource managers, our land is part of the Land for Wildlife Program and we are part of the Lock-the-Gate Alliance