Environmental Recyclers NT

ERNT is a social enterprise that practises a circular economy concept.

Diana Rickard and Greg Chapman – the workers responsible for this site – are avid recyclers. We are of the strong opinion that Western-style over-consumption of scarce natural resources is killing the world.

Our heroes are waste recyclers around the world.

About Us

Rural Recyclers

We live in a rural area of the Top End of the Northern Territory Australia called Tumbling Waters.

Greg is licensed to degass air conditioners and refrigerators. He mows blocks and firebreaks and recycles/restores/reuses pre-loved goods and materials.

Diana is a retired adult educator and non-practicing lawyer. She makes things.

We grow coffee on a small, sustainable scale and food gardens in fridge and freezer boxes. Our home is built from reused, restored and recycled materials.

Services provided

We have a small truck that carries mulch and dead aircons, fridges, freezers and other white goods from pre-loving owners to be degassed, re-used as gardens or to be broken down into scrap.

Yard clean-ups/Slashing

We also have a small tractor/slasher to carefully mow firebreaks and unwanted grass. We clean up your yard and mow around the flowers.

2003 Kubota BX 2200 Tractor / Lawn mower - YouTube

Community Education

Diana is a retired lawyer and sustainability educator. She produces excellent interactive workshops – and calendars.


What People Say

The skill and enthusiasm of these people gives me hope for a more sustainable world.

Carolyn Carttling

Wonderful job restoring goods and re-using otherwise wasted resources to help the world recover.

Sean Murphy


Recent Happenings

Will we ever recover from Covid-19? There are optimists who believe it will bring a more caring attitude from the Business-As-Usual die-hards. Although some political leaders around the world have published a ‘statement of principles‘ to put climate action at the centre of recovery plans, nothing’s really changed in our little corner of the world.

Rivers and waterways – including groundwater systems – are drying up, landclearing to plant introduced pasture grass for the live cattle trade is increasing, biodiversity is decreasing, governments are funding mining companies and chemical industries and defunding environmental organisations.

Climate change sceptics are ignoring the facts of human-induced climate change while our tropical ecosystems – and the Arctic tundra regions – burn.

The global pandemic of Covid-19 deaths and infections increase and no antidote is available.

Plastic pollution continues to destroy land and sea. Plastic particles are now found in micro-organisms at the bottom of the deepest oceans as well as in the guts of every plant and animal of the world.

So – our gut feeling is that there will not be a ‘normal’ again – new or old.

We have to start divesting ourselves of our luxury living and learn frugality if we want a healthy world.

Become a Global Recycler

Don’t throw away what others can use, restore or recycle. Please contact us for more info.

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